Roger Keller Artist


Roger Keller Artist Since retirement from a career in education I returned to painting, mainly water colour and acrylic.   However during the pandemic I turned to working with [...]

Maureen A Jackson


Maureen A Jackson Maureen A Jackson trained in Art and Design at North Cheshire College before taking ceramics at Wrexham College of Art and Design. Her work with clay and on [...]

Carrie H Ceramics


Carrie H Ceramics I arrived as a ceramic artist late in life but am enjoying creating pieces that make people smile. My distinct style of ceramic musicians is influenced by my [...]

Dove Love Ceramics


Dove Love Ceramics Samantha completed her BA(hons) in Ceramics in 1994 from Bath Spa University College.  After her degree, Samantha sold her pieces in various galleries throu [...]

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