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Maggie Andrews Porcelain

Maggie Andrews Porcelain

Maker of bespoke fine porcelain

Maggie Andrews graduated from the Cardiff College of Art and Design in 1975 attaining a BA.Hons Ceramics degree. Her first studio opened in 1975 and from work developed at this stage led to a series of exhibitions throughout the UK and recently in the KusKovu Gallery Prague located in the Cultural and the Arts centre of Prague. Maggie’s work is represented in both private and Public Collections both in the UK and Internationally notable Prince Hirohito Japan Ambassador Yamazaki Japan, Frechen Museum Institute Statale D’Arte Castelli Biennale Collection Valluris France and in collections found in USA Canada,Australia ,New Zealand and Italy. Maggie’s work is referenced and included in publications notable in
The Encyclopaedia of British Porcelain Makers G Godden
Potters Dictionary F and J Hamer
Brittish Studio Potters Marks Eric Yates Owen and Robert Fournier
Studio Porcelain Peter Lane
Since 1975 onwards Maggie Andrews has presented at International and UK galleries which were during this period seen as venues at the fore-front of Ceramic Contemporary practice and as precursors to the present developments and opportunities within the discipline. She received an Arts Council Wales Fellowship in 1981 in which she developed and adopted a firing reduction process of Raku. The created surface qualities on the forms are reflective of the primeval world eruptive and in flux whilst retaining the intricacy and finesse characteristic of her porcelain work. Maggie relocated her studio at the Old Wool Barn Cowbridge in1984.This opportunity in establishing her new studio was through the vision of Mr. David John of Arthur John and creating studio workshops to encourage local artists and crafts people to work in Cowbridge in the converted Wool Barn.



Maggie’s work specialises in the use of Porcelain, creating fine intricate pieces that reflect her interest in landscape and nature. The forms used are bowls vases and other vessel formats that promote 3Dimensional vistas and two sided pieces. These reflect those unexpected instances that can be experienced in the natural environment.

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10:00am to 5:00pm Monday – Saturday
If the studio is closed during these hours please call 01446 781602 or 07758 598672

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