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Jewel Glass

fused glass artwork, jewellery and tableware, inspired by nature

Jewel Glass fused glass Southerndown curve

Welcome to Jewel Glass fused glass! My name is Frances Lloyd, a glass artist based near Cowbridge.  Working from a small studio in my garden, I design and make a range of fused glass artwork, jewellery and tableware, primarily inspired by the beautiful Vale of Glamorgan landscape and its wildlife.

 My work is created by cutting and layering sheet glass before firing in a kiln, sometimes for as long as 24 hours, depending on the project. Glass is a fabulous material to work with as I love its vivid colours and its capacity to transmit and reflect light, a feature which often adds an additional dimension to a piece. I never tire of opening the kiln lid after a firing to see what awaits me inside.

Instagram:  #jewelglass1

Facebook:  Jewel Glass by Frances Lloyd

Jewel Glass fused glass Great Spotted Woodpecker on wooden stand

Jewel Glass


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