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Hook & Heddle

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m Toby James Crutchley, the crafter behind Hook & Heddle.  My primary focus is on weaving and crochet although I do dip into knitting and sewing as needed to create projects from my own woven fabrics or purchased material.

Scarves and shawls are the mainstay, woven or crocheted in different yarns but I also create home décor and accessories.  I also take commissions from customers.

I try and work with natural fibres as much as possible – wool, cotton, linen and some man made yarns such as those derived from bamboo.  However, I do use some yarns with man-made acrylic due to allergies some people have to wool, although I try to keep these to a minimum or from ethically sourced options such as bamboo.

I find weaving and crochet is a great activity for mindfulness; its repetitive process allows me to step away from the day-to-day routines of work and create beautiful and useful items that people will enjoy using or wearing. It takes time to make each item so buying something from me supports slow fashion and handmade crafting.

Do visit my online shop and see what I’ve been making.

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